·       It is the chemical-based product made up of ammonia to lighten facial hairs & removes sun tan and gives an even skin tone.


  1. Oxylife Nature Radiance – for Face & neck.
  2. Beauty Basket Fruit Bleach – for Full body.


  • Beautician will use Oxylife nature radiance for the face and neck and Beauty basket fruit bleach for full body.  
  • Beauty basket fruit bleach is not for the face & neck.
  • Avoid If you have very sensitive & acne prone skin.  
  • Bleach can give some sensations & redness on skin but it will calm down in some time or depends on person to person.
  • There should be no cuts, fracture or any skin allergy before getting bleach done.  
  • Avoid if you going through any chemical peels or laser treatments.

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